Appleton's Only Historic Neighborhood Cafe, Beer & Wine Salon.

606 N. Lawe St. Appleton, WI 54911

Coffee, Scones, Fresh Bread, Soups, Salads and More!

A place to wake up or wind down.  A locally owned and operated neighborhood cafe that will open your senses to a world of small wonders.

Come visit us!  We are located at

606 N. Lawe St. Appleton WI 54911

Just North of Jacobs meat market.

Our specialties 

Fresh bread made daily 

Scones and other bakery 

Wine to enjoy in house or at your’s

We offer two select beers on tap and several options to take home.

Located in the historic district of Appleton, WI 606 N Lawe St. near Jacobs meat market.  


We had such an amazing time at one of her small catering events.

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Please feel free to contact us.